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Did you know Adelaide Airport (IATA: ADL) or Adelaide international Airport handles over 8.5 million passengers? Adelaide airport is located only 6 kilometers from the centre of Adelaide, it is the fifth busiest airport in Australia. Adelaide airport was established in 1955 and was redeveloped in 2005. Adelaide airport has been named Australia’s best capital city airport on many occasions over the last 10 years.. Currently the airport is leased from the Australian government by Adelaide airport corporation.

First established in 1955, a new dual international/domestic building was opened in 2005 which has received numerous awards, including being named the world’s second-best international airport (5–15 million passengers) in 2006.Also, it has been named Australia’s best capital city airport in 2006, 2009 and 2011.

Over the financial year 2018–2019, Adelaide Airport experienced passenger growth of 7% internationally and 1.3% for domestic and regional passengers from 2017’s quarterly report; this added up to a new record number of passengers who passed through Adelaide Airport at 8,090,000 over the financial year. Adelaide Airport also experienced the greatest international growth out of any Australian port

Do you need to move urgent same day air freight from Adelaide to Canberra  ? CargoMaster offers time sensitive same day air freight services from Adelaide to Canberra and the ACT. Urgent same day air freight pick up services are available from most of the Adelaide metropolitan area  to Canberra (depending on and subject to flights and  and the time of day of booking). Most of the time Australian Same Day Air Freight Adelaide to Canberra will ride in the bellies of commercial aircraft. Because Adelaide to Canberra flights depart every few hours (approx) from Adelaide air freight can be in Canberra in under 4 hours from time of pick up in Adelaide very quickly. In many instances this means same day air cargo  from Adelaide to Canberra is achievable (needed to be booked and organised in advance for north QLD air freight)


CargoMaster also offers overnight air freight from Adelaide to Canberra. Overnight air freight to Canberra  is normally collected in the afternoon for delivery before 1230hrs to most Canberra Metroplitan post codes, call CargoMaster and book your pick up today , CargoMaster will organise a Adelaide collection time that will meet your specific requirements. CargoMaster is able too offer a wide variety of aircraft from Adelaide-Canberra, including freighter services (via Sydney) . Weekend air freight Adelaide- Canberra is also available.

Flights from Adelaide to Canberra can commence approx 0600hrs daily and all types of air craft are available. Remember to package your goods well for transportation and clearly address your goods and number too if more than one piece, this will ensure your air cargo moves quickly and safely. Make sure you remember to check to ensure your freight is not classified as HAZ cargo before lodging with CargoMaster

Domestic Air Freight Adelaide-Canberra


It is important that you provide the dimensions of your cargo when seeking an air freight quote. Providing the exact dimensions will help to ensure you get an accurate quote and your freight will move quickly without hold ups due to misunderstanding about cargo size. Dimensions are important when utilizing air freight services, dimensions help to establish if the cargo is volumetric and if the cargo will fit into the aircraft. Dimensions can be provided in millimetres, centimetres and meters.

All aircraft are different in terms of the size of the cargo they can carry. CargoMaster can help you with finding an aircraft suitable for your air cargo.

In Australia air freight is carried in several different types of air craft. The main types or aircraft moving Australian domestic cargo are 737, 767, A320 and A330.

Dimensions (dims) include:

  • The measurements of the cargo (length by width by height)
  • Weight of the cargo
  • The number of pieces , count (i.e. cartons)

Its impossible to provide an accurate quote without the correct dimensions. Because it’s difficult to  calculate if the cargo will be moving in a passenger plane or a cargo-only plane (called “freighters”). Acceptable dimensions vary depending on which type of plane your cargo is being loaded into. Below is a chart showing maximum cargo height, length, and width for each type of aircraft.


follow these guidelines when considering maximum cargo height:


CargoMaster has access to special equipment allowing for loading of larger type air freight cargo dimensions for standard air freight are 2.44 x 3.15m (96 x 125 in). Longer/wider cargo can be transported but may need to be packed on special equipment.

Outsize cargo may require special charter services.


“Does CargoMaster offer Same Day and Overnight Air Freight from Adelaide to Canberra on the weekends?”

“Yes, 24/7 for CargoMaster air freight you can call CargoMaster at anytime, even on the weekends”

“Can we send large air freight shipments from Adelaide to Canberra?”

“CargoMaster has a variety of aircraft to choose from, any type of cargo big, in general so long as your cargo is less than 3 meters long and under 1.5 meters high. Extra-large air freight can be uplifted with freighter service from Adelaide to Canberra (via Sydney)  daily (Monday to Thursday) .”

“Once booked how long does it take for a pick-up driver to arrive at our premises?”

“Normally a CargoMaster contracted driver will be at your premises within 90 minutes of your booking. If you need a special pick-up time, just tell CargoMaster what time you want the driver to arrive?

Can we send chilled and frozen goods with CargoMaster from Adelaide to Canberra?”

“Yes, you can, but it is likely that frozen goods would not be frozen upon arrival in Canberra. CargoMaster has the use of chiller facilities in Adelaide and Sydney airports, however air freight is not under chill when in the aircraft”

Air Cargo Adelaide to Canberra . The fastest way to move your air freight from Adelaide to Canberra.